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Laser Cutting Capacities – Copper Brass Aluminum Stainless

Laser Cutting Capacities in Stainless Steel – Copper – Brass – Aluminum – Tube Laser and Flat Bed

*Please note that our CNC Laser & Press Brake combo works great for 3D CAD models. We have CAD designers on staff to take your 3D CAD designs and convert to our machine language.

Laser Cutting BLM Fiber Laser

6’ x 12’ table size
1/2” max on Aluminum ​for a “Clean Edge​”​ – could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​
1/2” max on Copper for “Clean Edge”– could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​
1/2” max on Brass for “Clean Edge”– could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​

Our New Fiber Laser is Wicked Fast

Houston Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser technology is new and we just installed the first US BLM Fiber laser. Not only is the fiber laser up to 10 times faster than traditional lasers, it cuts with much better edge quality. Not that our old lasers have poor edge quality, it’s just that the fiber performs better in problematic metals like Aluminum and stainless steel, where reflectivity and heat buildup cause issues. Our new fiber laser can cut through 1″ carbon, 3/4′ ” aluminum and stainless and 1/2″ aluminum and stainless steel with superior edge quality. It will even laser cut copper and brass material up to 1/2″ thick.

Houston Laser & Press Brake – Machine Capacities

Houston Machine Capacities & Tolerances

Flat Bed Lasers

 Laser Cutting 4,000W HyperGear:

houston mazak laserFeatures: Dual shuttle tables, automated nozzle, and torch change. Focus adjustments for more efficient cutting and flexibility to cut different material types and thicknesses per shift.+/-.004” accuracy. Nesting software for maximum sheet yield.

5’ X 10’ table size

¼” max on Aluminum

It’s Almost Here – Large Tube Laser

Our new ADIGE LT-8 Laser cutting large, heavy wall metal tubes. 3D angles for better welding fit up, coping, chamfers, slot and tab fixturing.  Large and thick wall tubes to be welded or for joints or couplings requiring precision. Making special, open, concave and asymmetric sections in round tubing, square tubing and structural tubing.

LT-8 Specs

Steel 5/8″ wall thickness
Aluminum 1/4″ thick
Stainless Steel 3/8″ thick 

Large Format Tube Laser, Cuts Through 5/8″ wall thickness on 8″ diameter round tube & 6″ square tubing.

The large magazine holds up to 20 foot lengths at high production quantities of tube and pipe.

Houstex Trade Show Exhibiting Laser Metal Fabrication

Trade show exhibits for our RiverCity Industries principal.  This is our 5th year to exhibit at Houstex.  Showing off Laser metal cutting in Houston Texas at the George R. Brown convention center.  This year we were honored to arrange for our Greater Houston Manufacturing Association to get a booth courtesy of our partner Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  Thanks to all of our customers and new prospects that came by to visit  – it was a fantastic show!

* We selected a booth space adjacent to an open area in the show floor plan.  It was nice to see that they filled that space with a yellow convertible Ferrari – that was a real show stopper and right across the aisle from our booth!

houstex-houston-manufacturing-2013-1 houstex-GHMA Houstex Metal Fabrication Houstex Floor Plan houston-fabrication

Heavy Metal Plate Welded Assemblies

Our Lasers cut these 1/2″ plates smoothly and efficiency – saving our customer money by eliminating the need for secondary processes.  Our welding department completed the assembly turn key.

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Parts Houston

We cut these Stainless Steel Clips on our lasers and bend them in our press brake (in a custom made die).  Many of our Houston customers get us to make dies for them.  Our lasers love cutting stainless steel and various grades of Inconel and Hastelloy. These are 11 gauge (1/8″)  Inconel i800



As they fall out of the Laser - Stainless Steel Laser Cut Clips - Clip on Right is tumbled on Left is not



New Laser Installation Will Serve Our Houston Metal Fabrication Customers Better

Our new Bystronic Laser will add a third laser to our production line.  The Bystronic laser will be our second high production laser, with a sheet shuffler for faster loading and high production metal fabricated parts in Houston.  These 2D flatbed lasers compliment our 3D tube laser.