Tube laser cutting technology has opened a new area of design and engineering. Designers are re-thinking how old school machined parts can be made using off-the-shelf tubing.  Weld fit up is a breeze now with precise chamfers, saddle cuts, bevels, and fish mouth coping. We specialize in providing pre-cut steel “kits” to our customers, ready for fit up and welding.  Providing pre-cut and beveled kits, frees up floor space and manpower, enabling you to get much more product out the door.

 We have over 8 years experience in 3D engineering and design that is needed for cutting operations on the tube laser.  Our latest addition is the LT8.

It’s BIG… High volume bundle capable tube loaders – Capacity- up to 6″ square tube, and 8.75″ round tube. The tube laser can cut up to 1/2″ wall thickness (carbon steel and limited to 23 pounds per lineal foot) – 27′ lengths – Production quantity loads



High Volume Tube Loader "Bundle Capable"

High Volume Tube Loader “Bundle Capable”


Holding precise tolerances on complex laser cuts yields precision components ready for assembly and welding. Laser tube cutting machines produce very accurate, and complex shapes on round, square, triangular, rectangular, and oval tubular materials – up to +-.005

Designers can specify any end form and hole geometry – no other process can duplicate the accuracy and efficiency of the tube laser – saving you money. The precise fit up of weldments and assembled components eliminates many secondary operations.



tube laser

Our LT8 Tube Laser is the Largest in Texas