Fabricators Need Baker Hughes ISO Training

Fabricators Need Baker Hughes ISO Training


Metal Fabricators interested in the latest ISO requirements might want to attend this lunch and learn next week (Nov 10th 11:30 to 1:00).

It’s through the Greater Houston Manufactures Association where we are doing quarterly lunch and learns on various manufacturing topics. There is networking before the presentation.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT ARE REQUIRED – Baker Hughes will be presenting information pertaining to training competency as required by ISO 9001-2015 at their 9100 Emmott Road location.

This particular Lunch & Learn event is important for both ISO certified manufacturers as well as non ISO certified manufactures as ISO 9001-2008 will require an additional training competency module in ISO 9001-2015.

This is mostly important to manufacturers because this module tests, verifies, and ensures trained employees are competent in the learned skills required by your organization to operate optimally, effectively, and efficiently.

The cost is $49 for non GHMA members and Due to Baker Hughes’ Security Policy — PLEASE REGISTER USING YOUR NAME AS IT APPEARS ON YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE.

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