Large Format Tube Laser

Capacity- up to 6″ square tube, and 8.75″ round tube. The tube laser can cut up to 1/2″ wall thickness (carbon steel and limited to 23 pounds per lineal foot) – 27′ lengths – Production quantity loads

Lasers cutting metal like butter in Houston.  Our lasers can cut through 1″ thick metal.  They can hold +/- .003″ on thinner gauge metals. Lasers love cutting stainless steel.

Two Mazak Lasers and a brand new Bystronic Laser in House
The high speed 4000 Watt HyperGear makes quick work for production parts – compettive with metal stamping. it cuts fast and powerful with 4,000 watts

The 3d  U44 Tube Laser Laser allow complicated shapes in square and round tubing in a fraction of the time. They also perform 3D cutting of tube, including rectangular and triangular pipe as well as C, H, I and L beams. The five-axis torch and simultaneously controlled 3 axis chuck fabricate – precise angle cuts, weld-prep bevels and advanced, complex contours such as saddle joint cuts.

Lasers provide little distortion and minimize secondary machining  – smooth edges  and minimal to no Dross or Burrs. Parts fall out clean and ready for shipment.

Our new Bystronic Laser is adds a second high production laser to our facility – with automation provided by the sheet shuffler

  • Unsurpassed productivity across the whole range of plate and gauge metal thicknesses thanks to the latest cutting technologies, the highest cutting speeds, the lowest overhead times, and outstanding process reliability.





Mazak U44 Tube Laser – Cutting square and round tube in stainless steel, aluminum, and carbon steel.