DNV Certification – It Matters

Let us get your project DNV Certified… “missing metal studs in some sections of the structure, different kinds of concrete used for the slab and unfinished or badly welded joints were some of the other factors that caused the raised railway to buckle, sending two subway carriages plummeting to the streets below.”


Do You Need The Precision of Laser Cutting?

Maybe not – a neighbor just asked me:

Tube Laser Cutting Houston, Texas

“I am in need of a 1/4  plate of cast iron measuring about 30” x 24” for a fire back in my fire pit (to radiate heat)  Do you know someone locally that might carry this or could cut to size?”

My answer: Try to find a local metal fabricator with a plasma cutting table. The problem will be finding someone who will do a small job like that. You might have to be flexible on turn around time, allowing them to “fit it in” between their higher production jobs. FYI – you don’t want cast, you want “plate” metal. Cast metal is just that, casted to a specific size in a mold and no one cuts, or provides that. You want just plain old carbon steel plate (most common is A36)

ALSO –   fire will burn through / rust through any metal. I would have them cut it out of 3/8″ or 1/2″ would be even better. The material cost will be the least expensive part of this job. Many shops also have minimum order sizes ranging from $100 to $300 – hopefully you can find one that will work with you. Plasma cutters are fairly common these days and the “edge quality” has really improved. Ask the about edge quality. While you can’t expect baby butt smooth (like we get on our lasers) – you also don’t want it to look like they cut it with a oxy/acetylene torch. So steer clear of oxy/acetylene cutting tables, or anyone offering to cut it by hand with a torch, unless you don’t care if it has ragged edges… We only do laser cutting. But you do not need that kind of precision.

High definition” plasma cutting tables are the latest and greatest. But any plasma cutter should meet your needs. Most “metal fabrication” shops in Texas have added a plasma cutting table to their service offerings, you can find a metal fabricator on every corner in Houston!

Houston, TX DNV Fabrication 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 for Offshore Lifting Equipment

Houston, TX DNV Fabrication 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 for Offshore Lifting Equipment

DNV Fabrication Certified for Lifting Equipment. DNV GL 2.7-1 and 2.7-3 are offshore fabrication certifications specifically for lifting operations while the vessel is stationary or under way.

DNV Umbilical Spools – DNV Lifting Baskets  – DNV Equipment Skids

We can fabricate any structure and any equipment to any DNV specification.

For a Complete “How To” on the DNV fabrication process, please see our explanation here: https://oceanfabricators.com/how-to-fabrication-of-dnv-certified-skids-2-7-1/

Houston Skid Fabrication Capacities

Skid Fabrication Capacity – Houston, Texas

We have the capacity to fabricate many styles of skids – Turnkey. We are only limited by our crane tonnage, hook height and door size. Even then, we can (and have) rented equipment to handle larger fabricated skid projects  with higher weights.

houston skid fabrication capacity capacities

*Please note, that the capacities listed below do not limit us from doing larger skid assemblies. We can handle 30 tons or more by renting a couple of hydraulic lifts and mobile crane to move it around our facility. We’ve done a 96,000 lb. pressure vessels – no problem. We can also source the coating / painting of these large skids that can handle 30T or more.

  • Overhead Hook Height: 28 feet
  • Overhead Crane Tonnages: 20T Crane with (2) 10T hooks plus 10T Crane with (2) 5T hooks
  • Overhead Door Dimensions: 24 x 26H
  • Square Footage Under Roof: 20,000 sq. ft
  • Positioners for Rolling Pipe: 11 all different sizes
  • Sub-Arc Welding Machines: 5
  • TIG Welding Machines: 20
  • Outside Lay Down Space: 2 acres
  • Plate Cutting: Plasma – 20x10x 3/8 Torch – 20x10x4”
  • Plate Bending: 10 foot by 3/8 ths

NDT Capabilities: MT/PT We have a level II certified technician for Mag Particle (MT) and Dye Penetrant (PT) examination in house, and have a third party contractor that can provide a Level III when necessary.

RT/UT/VT We have a third party contractor that provides X-Ray Testing (RT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT), which includes a level II as a standard with a level III technician when necessary. For visual inspections (VT), we use Certified Welding Inspectors to AWS D1.1, also supplied by a third party.

Got Pipe? Houston Piping Fabrication Experts

Your Houston Piping Fabricators

Our principals can fabricate, weld, bend and laser cut pipe. Ocean Fab is your one stop fabrication source for all of your welded and fabricated piping needs.

piping design fabricate process skid

It’s one thing to be able to fabricate a plain old steel frame for an equipment skid. Any fab shop can do that… It’s a whole other thing to be able to complete a piping system, fabricating the pressure piping and other critical components that are required on a process skid.
It's one thing to be able to fabricate a plain steel frame for an equipment skid manufacturer. Any fab shop can do that... It's a whole other thing to be able to fabricating the pressure piping and other critical components that are required on a Process Skid. Our fabrication principals offer you a turnkey solution with ASME certification stamps R S and U to complete your project, including NACE certification for the final painting and coatingOur fabrication principals offer our OEM manufacturers turnkey solutions for their piping sub-assemblies with ASME certification stamps R S and U to complete your project, including NACE certification for the final painting and coating – and even final delivery with our in-house fleet of 18 wheelers.

We carry over 50 approved welding procedures and the most stringent certifications available for anything from High pressure piping – to DNV and ABS certification. Our ASME code stamps, R Stamp, U Stamp and S Stamp. AWS D1.1  – API 6A … and many other certifications assure our customers of quality and compliance with industry standards.

Our certifications allow you to have a “one stop fabrication shop” who can design, construct, or repair equipment skids containing piping to pressure vessels and other components typically found on OEM manufacturer’s process skids.

From small diameter piping .5″ up to 72″ and High pressure up to 25,000 PSI.

Providing NDE X-Ray and Mag Particle testing. 

pipe welding code stamps

Our Typical Pipe Fabrication Products

  • Buffer Chambers
  • Choke Manifolds
  • Manifold Assemblies
  • Standpipe Manifolds
  • Plug Valves
  • Mud Pumps
  • Pipeline
  • Suction Manifolds
  • Discharge Manifolds
  • Pipe Flanges
  • Choke and Kill pipe component fabrication
  • Chemical Plant and Refinery Piping for the Petrochemical Industry
  • Laser cut and bent Tubular Parts for the furniture industry
  • Laser cut Perforating Gun – Charge Carrier Tubes

piping fabrication process skid

houston pipe fabricationhouston piping fabricator




houston gas compression plantshouston piping fabrication

Offshore Technology Conference Celebrates 50th

OTC showcases some of the most technical fabrication and welding processes in the world. Many subsea fabrication projects use as much or more technology as space exploration. The Offshore Technology Conference will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Register for this year’s show, starting April 30th at http://2018.otcnet.org/

*This Web Page is not affiliated with the Offshore Technology Conference.

Our Laser Cutting Principal – RiverCity Industries Has a Fresh New Website

Laser Cutting Services – New Website

Our principal – RiverCity Industries has just launched their new website at www.rivercity-industries.com

RiverCity delivers laser cut metal and laser cut tubing all over Texas with their own fleet of 18 wheelers.

RiverCity Industries’ mission is to be a one stop turn-key fabrication facility with a focus on precision laser metal cutting in both flat sheet and tube laser parts.


laser cutting metal 2d

Laser Cutting Flat Sheet and Plate

Tube Laser Cutting Both Round and Square Metal Tubing