DNV 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 Fabrication is Our Specialty – Located in Houston, Texas

Houston, TX DNV Fabrication 2.7-1 & 2.7-3 for Offshore Lifting Equipment

Specializing in DNV GL 2.7-1 (EN 12079) and 2.7-3 fabrication for Offshore lifting skids, spools and spreader bar certifications for vessel lifting equipment used in offloading and service operations. Call 713-401-3007 We have DNV certified welders and fitters capable of welding to all major welding specifications as required by DNV. Whether it’s a cold water / cold weather application or structural designs. We are capable of in-house DNV design work, or we can incorporate your design to meet DNV (GL) standards. All DNV fabrication is quality tested on-site by DNV certified NDT, X-Ray, UT and quality inspectors.

For a Complete “How To” on the DNV fabrication process, please see our explanation here: https://oceanfabricators.com/how-to-fabrication-of-dnv-certified-skids-2-7-1/