Houston Skid Fabrication Capacities

Skid Fabrication Capacity – Houston, Texas

We have the capacity to fabricate many styles of skids – Turnkey. We are only limited by our crane tonnage, hook height and door size. Even then, we can (and have) rented equipment to handle larger fabricated skid projects  with higher weights.

houston skid fabrication capacity capacities

*Please note, that the capacities listed below do not limit us from doing larger skid assemblies. We can handle 30 tons or more by renting a couple of hydraulic lifts and mobile crane to move it around our facility. We’ve done a 96,000 lb. pressure vessels – no problem. We can also source the coating / painting of these large skids that can handle 30T or more.

  • Overhead Hook Height: 28 feet
  • Overhead Crane Tonnages: 20T Crane with (2) 10T hooks plus 10T Crane with (2) 5T hooks
  • Overhead Door Dimensions: 24 x 26H
  • Square Footage Under Roof: 20,000 sq. ft
  • Positioners for Rolling Pipe: 11 all different sizes
  • Sub-Arc Welding Machines: 5
  • TIG Welding Machines: 20
  • Outside Lay Down Space: 2 acres
  • Plate Cutting: Plasma – 20x10x 3/8 Torch – 20x10x4”
  • Plate Bending: 10 foot by 3/8 ths

NDT Capabilities: MT/PT We have a level II certified technician for Mag Particle (MT) and Dye Penetrant (PT) examination in house, and have a third party contractor that can provide a Level III when necessary.

RT/UT/VT We have a third party contractor that provides X-Ray Testing (RT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT), which includes a level II as a standard with a level III technician when necessary. For visual inspections (VT), we use Certified Welding Inspectors to AWS D1.1, also supplied by a third party.

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