It’s Almost Here – Large Tube Laser

Our new ADIGE LT-8 Laser cutting large, heavy wall metal tubes. 3D angles for better welding fit up, coping, chamfers, slot and tab fixturing.  Large and thick wall tubes to be welded or for joints or couplings requiring precision. Making special, open, concave and asymmetric sections in round tubing, square tubing and structural tubing.

LT-8 Specs

Steel 5/8″ wall thickness
Aluminum 1/4″ thick
Stainless Steel 3/8″ thick 

Large Format Tube Laser, Cuts Through 5/8″ wall thickness on 8″ diameter round tube & 6″ square tubing.

The large magazine holds up to 20 foot lengths at high production quantities of tube and pipe.

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