NTI Offshore Services

NTI Offshore Services is an Offshore Marine Construction &
Management Company

NTI supports the Oil & Gas and marine market designed to provide our clients with turnkey services for their projects from concept to installation. NTI Offshore Services specializes in providing our clients with total Project Management, engineering design, fabrication services, NDT Technicians, Access Technology, welding and I&E construction craftsmen, and labor sourcing. Our experienced team will work closely with our customer to provide quality products and services conducive to your level of urgency or predetermined project schedule. NTI Offshore Services is committed to our customer to produce a quality product safely and does so through pride of workmanship, safety culture, and emphasis in our quality control and inspection.

offshore welding topside

•NTI Offshore Services Project Management personnel is comprised of specialists who have extensive experience in managing, tracking, and completing difficult offshore projects on time and on budget. Below is a list of a few of the Project Management ervices NTI Offshore provides our clients:
•Total Project Management
•Cost, Time, and Resource Management
•Management of Change
•Real time reporting budgeted vs. actual
•4D Scheduling and 3D BIM Modeling
•Logistical coordination of all parties personnel and equipment to sequence
mobilization for efficiency and overall cost reduction
•Site Supervision and Inspection
•FAT Witnessing and Commissioning
•Gantt Chart and Construction Sequencing
High Pressure Pipe Design and Commissioning
•Structural Design and Commissioning

offshore fabrication
NTI Offshore Services engineering is comprised of specialists who have extensive
experience in executing complicated topside and subsea engineering projects.
Nearly all offshore projects require engineering input and our engineering group
specializes in Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM),
Engineering Survey and Solution Development (ESSD), and Front End Engineering
Design (FEED). NTI Offshore engineering is competent in all classing societies
including API, ABS, DNV, BV, and Lloyd’s. The following is list of a few of NTI
Offshore Services engineering capabilities we provide our clients:
•Hydraulic & Controls System and Design
•Finite Element Analysis (Structural, Thermal, Static, Dynamic, Linear and Nonlinear)
•Dynamic Flow Analysis
•Pipe Flexibility Analysis

Utilization of 3D BIM Modeling links to a project schedule and provides a unique visualization of the
project schedule sequencing of key events, milestones, tasks, build strategies and simultaneous activities
before you strike the first arc.
4D visualization is used on many different types of projects from offshore projects to land based
construction, shipyards, new builds, retrofit and overhauls of rigs, vessels.
When used for BIM (Building Information Modeling) purposes, the project can be sequenced on a yard- wide scale to coordinate and validate assembly areas, process flows and materials staging. The level of
detail is only constrained by the amount of information that is desired all the way down to the part level.
Animating the process flow to simulate the movements of assemblies and materials is common for this
Some of the benefits of utilizing the 3D model link to the project schedule:
• Provides validation of the install sequence
• Maximizes resource loading and minimizes task congestion
• Provides efficient verification to follow on test and commissioning
• Allows for real-time task progress updates to clearly see the impact to the overall schedule
Reference http://nti-tech.com/services/3d-bim-modeling-4d-scheduling/ for scheduling sequence video

offshore equipment skid
Fabrication needs vary vastly and require knowledgeable, flexible, talented craftsmen
to adapt to the variety of projects. NTI Offshore Services provides these services
through our shore base fabrication facility and offshore welding construction crews.
The following topside fabrication capabilities are provided to our clients:
• Completion Package
• Subsea Fabrication (Jumpers, SUTA’s, mudmats)
• DNV 2.7.1 Storage/Lifting Containers
• High pressure tubing
• High pressure piping fabrication
• Structural decks, frames, walkways, skids, staircases, Hang-off beams, and
ABS Structural/Pipe welders
• I&E Services
• CWI and NDT Technicians

skid baseequipment skidSHOP CAPABILITIES
Facility fabrication and machining facilities:
•1 Fabrication Bays: Dimensions 60’ x 220’
•Overhead Crane capacity: Bay 1 (1 – 40 ton, 1 –15 ton
•Machine Shop
•Machine Shop Tooling:
•Three (3) Lathes
•Horizontal mill
•Three (3) Vertical mills
•Two (2) Milling machines
•Two (2) drill presses
•Burn Table
•CNC Plate Rolls
•Hydro Testing
•Load Testing
•NDT and Coatings

Welding and I&E Craftsmen
NTI Offshore Services specializes in providing offshore marine
welders, fitters, I&E technicians, and combination riding crews to
execute your project scope turnkey. All of our offshore personnel
are HUET certified and registered in ISNetWorld. Our welding
personnel are ABS certified in both pipe and structural. Our
offshore marine installation teams coupled with our fabrication
and engineering capabilities provides our clients’ with turkey
service from design to deployment.
Labor Sourcing
NTI Offshore Services also specializes in meeting all of our client’s
labor sourcing needs. We provide ABS certified pipe and
structural welders as well as I&E technicians to fill your project’s
manpower gaps and requirements. Our personnel are available
24hrs a day a can mobilize immediately.

NTI Offshore Services specializes in providing the offshore and marine sector
safe, cost effective scaffold solutions. Our scaffolding teams are comprised of
experienced supervisors and builders with internal training certifications to
dismantle, erect, modify, and inspect scaffolding. In addition, NTI Offshore
Services can provide scaffolding sales and rentals, design and stamped
engineering drawings, and inventory management.
offshore rope accessRope Access
The varying and challenging locations of your offshore project may not allow the
use of scaffolding for access or is not preferred. Remote locations require access
utilizing rope access technicians which provides cost effective maintenance,
rigging, non-destructive testing, sandblasting, and visual inspection to
inaccessible areas in comparison to traditional scaffolding. Rope access has
become an industry accepted access tool and NTI Offshore services trains our
technician to be multi-crafted in order to reduce crew size and versatility of our
access teams. All NTI Offshore Services technicians are ASNT SNT- TC1A certified
personnel standing by to serve your offshore access needs.

•Past Project List
•Ensco DS-5 Completion Package (Design, Fab, and Install)
•Ensco DS-3 Completion Package (Design, Fab, and Install)
•Pacific Drilling Cement Crossover Design and Fabrication
•Vantage Titanium Explorer Completion Package (Design, Fab, and Install)
•Ensco 8500 series Completion Packages (Fab and Install)
•EMAS Cascade/Chinook
•Sevan Louisiana Spider Platform Design and Fabrication
•Seadrill West Auriga and West Vela 10k & 15 Lifting Clamps (Design, Class Approval, and
•West Auriga BOP Build-Up Frame (Design and Fabrication)
•Marubeni A4 Angus Field Jumper Design, Fabrication, and Installation
•Marubeni M2 Jumper Design, Fabrication, and Installation

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