Tube Laser Cutting / Quoting Requirements

High Production Tube Laser
High Production Tube Laser

Our tube lasers are the perfect machines for cutting dimensional profiles in the sidewalls and end profiles of both round and square steel tubing. You can read more about the capabilities here:

Quoting Jobs for the Tube Laser

Because of the high programming and setup time, tube laser cutting tends to be more of a high volume type machine, where we load bundles of tubing and robotic arms feed the stock to the chuck.

A couple of notes:
– We can handle up to 27 foot long tubes in our automated robotic bundle loader. The robotic arms can handle tubing up to 23 pounds per lineal foot and 8-3/4″ diameter. Therefore, the thicker the wall, the smaller diameter tubing we can handle.
– We can cut Carbon, Aluminum and Stainless – each with their own limits on wall thickness.
– Since it’s automated, this machine usually requires a certain volume of work. Unfortunately we can’t do small runs. There is way too much programming and setup involved.
– The tube laser cuts in 3D, therefore, unless it’s just a super simple cut, we usually require 3D CAD models to quote jobs. We need these files in order to get a run time on the machine. We accept all common files types – Solidworks – AutoCad exported in .iges/.igs or .stp/.step formats.

We also need our customers to export the dimensioned drawing to a PDF, so we can confirm dimensions – because of various scaling issues going from one format to another and even one version of the software to another.

*In order to determine if your laser cutting project meets our machine minimums, we’ll need to program some run times. Please provide 3D CAD drawings. We accept all common files types – Solidworks – AutoCad exported in .iges/.igs or .stp/.step formats.

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