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DNV Certification – It Matters

Let us get your project DNV Certified… “missing metal studs in some sections of the structure, different kinds of concrete used for the slab and unfinished or badly welded joints were some of the other factors that caused the raised railway to buckle, sending two subway carriages plummeting to the streets below.”

Do You Need The Precision of Laser Cutting?

Maybe not – a neighbor just asked me:

Tube Laser Cutting Houston, Texas

“I am in need of a 1/4  plate of cast iron measuring about 30” x 24” for a fire back in my fire pit (to radiate heat)  Do you know someone locally that might carry this or could cut to size?”

My answer: Try to find a local metal fabricator with a plasma cutting table. The problem will be finding someone who will do a small job like that. You might have to be flexible on turn around time, allowing them to “fit it in” between their higher production jobs. FYI – you don’t want cast, you want “plate” metal. Cast metal is just that, casted to a specific size in a mold and no one cuts, or provides that. You want just plain old carbon steel plate (most common is A36)

ALSO –   fire will burn through / rust through any metal. I would have them cut it out of 3/8″ or 1/2″ would be even better. The material cost will be the least expensive part of this job. Many shops also have minimum order sizes ranging from $100 to $300 – hopefully you can find one that will work with you. Plasma cutters are fairly common these days and the “edge quality” has really improved. Ask the about edge quality. While you can’t expect baby butt smooth (like we get on our lasers) – you also don’t want it to look like they cut it with a oxy/acetylene torch. So steer clear of oxy/acetylene cutting tables, or anyone offering to cut it by hand with a torch, unless you don’t care if it has ragged edges… We only do laser cutting. But you do not need that kind of precision.

High definition” plasma cutting tables are the latest and greatest. But any plasma cutter should meet your needs. Most “metal fabrication” shops in Texas have added a plasma cutting table to their service offerings, you can find a metal fabricator on every corner in Houston!

Offshore Technology Conference Celebrates 50th

OTC showcases some of the most technical fabrication and welding processes in the world. Many subsea fabrication projects use as much or more technology as space exploration. The Offshore Technology Conference will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Register for this year’s show, starting April 30th at

*This Web Page is not affiliated with the Offshore Technology Conference.

Chinese Manufacturing

#MadeInTheUSA #ChineseManufacturing 

#China is trying to position itself as a free trade champion??? AND pointing the finger at the US for fostering #Protectionism ???

Those of us in manufacturing know that there is nothing about Chinese manufacturing that comes close to free or fair trade. The translation of “copyright” in Chinese is “right to Copy” 

China Poluution 

Oil Price & Houston Metal Fabrication

Low Oil Prices Hurt Houston Metal Fabrication

“Let’s use all we can and Export the rest”  A comment recently heard from a prominent Texas politician – we could not agree more.

oil price houston welding

At OceanFab we believe lifting the export ban will provide more jobs for our Houston area welders.

It’s clear that OPEC is trying to squash US Oil, which will hurt metal fabrication in Houston. The International Energy Agency says OPEC has renewed determination on this front… “the early December (OPEC) move appears to signal a renewed determination to maximize low-cost OPEC supply and drive out high-cost non-OPEC production – regardless of price.,”

Houston Laser & Press Brake – Machine Capacities

Houston Machine Capacities & Tolerances

Flat Bed Lasers

 Laser Cutting 4,000W HyperGear:

houston mazak laserFeatures: Dual shuttle tables, automated nozzle, and torch change. Focus adjustments for more efficient cutting and flexibility to cut different material types and thicknesses per shift.+/-.004” accuracy. Nesting software for maximum sheet yield.

5’ X 10’ table size

¼” max on Aluminum