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Offshore Technology Conference Celebrates 50th

OTC showcases some of the most technical fabrication and welding processes in the world. Many subsea fabrication projects use as much or more technology as space exploration. The Offshore Technology Conference will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. Register for this year’s show, starting April 30th at

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Chinese Manufacturing

#MadeInTheUSA #ChineseManufacturing 

#China is trying to position itself as a free trade champion??? AND pointing the finger at the US for fostering #Protectionism ???

Those of us in manufacturing know that there is nothing about Chinese manufacturing that comes close to free or fair trade. The translation of “copyright” in Chinese is “right to Copy” 

China Poluution 

Oil Price & Houston Metal Fabrication

Low Oil Prices Hurt Houston Metal Fabrication

“Let’s use all we can and Export the rest”  A comment recently heard from a prominent Texas politician – we could not agree more.

oil price houston welding

At OceanFab we believe lifting the export ban will provide more jobs for our Houston area welders.

It’s clear that OPEC is trying to squash US Oil, which will hurt metal fabrication in Houston. The International Energy Agency says OPEC has renewed determination on this front… “the early December (OPEC) move appears to signal a renewed determination to maximize low-cost OPEC supply and drive out high-cost non-OPEC production – regardless of price.,”

Houston Laser & Press Brake – Machine Capacities

Houston Machine Capacities & Tolerances

Flat Bed Lasers

 Laser Cutting 4,000W HyperGear:

houston mazak laserFeatures: Dual shuttle tables, automated nozzle, and torch change. Focus adjustments for more efficient cutting and flexibility to cut different material types and thicknesses per shift.+/-.004” accuracy. Nesting software for maximum sheet yield.

5’ X 10’ table size

¼” max on Aluminum

Houstex Trade Show Exhibiting Laser Metal Fabrication

Trade show exhibits for our RiverCity Industries principal.  This is our 5th year to exhibit at Houstex.  Showing off Laser metal cutting in Houston Texas at the George R. Brown convention center.  This year we were honored to arrange for our Greater Houston Manufacturing Association to get a booth courtesy of our partner Society of Manufacturing Engineers.  Thanks to all of our customers and new prospects that came by to visit  – it was a fantastic show!

* We selected a booth space adjacent to an open area in the show floor plan.  It was nice to see that they filled that space with a yellow convertible Ferrari – that was a real show stopper and right across the aisle from our booth!

houstex-houston-manufacturing-2013-1 houstex-GHMA Houstex Metal Fabrication Houstex Floor Plan houston-fabrication

New Laser Installation Will Serve Our Houston Metal Fabrication Customers Better

Our new Bystronic Laser will add a third laser to our production line.  The Bystronic laser will be our second high production laser, with a sheet shuffler for faster loading and high production metal fabricated parts in Houston.  These 2D flatbed lasers compliment our 3D tube laser.