Drill Pipe For Sale – Grade 22CR 140

Drill Pipe – Corrosion Resistant Alloy Tubing for Sale – High Grade & High-Strength for Demanding Operations

QTY: Approx 32,000 lineal Feet
Condition: New and Bolstered
Size: 3.5″
Weight: 10.2 Pounds Per Lineal Foot.
Grade: (majority) 22CR140 (22CR 140 (some 22CR-130)
Thread: (majority) TENARIS BLUE series – some VAM Top threaded available
CRA (corrosion resistant alloy)

Tenaris Blue Series: Designed for the most challenging E&P operations. Proven extensively in the most complex operating conditions. Design generates stable seal behavior for all combined-load conditions. Coarse pitch thread and steep taper for deep stabbing.

Corrosion Resistant Alloys are needed as well drilling conditions have become more severe. For example: Higher pressures and temperatures, with more sour fields (high hydrogen sulphide content) containing high carbon dioxide levels.

Please send RFQ to info@oceanfabricators.com

Chinese Manufacturing

#MadeInTheUSA #ChineseManufacturing 

#China is trying to position itself as a free trade champion??? AND pointing the finger at the US for fostering #Protectionism ???

Those of us in manufacturing know that there is nothing about Chinese manufacturing that comes close to free or fair trade. The translation of “copyright” in Chinese is “right to Copy” 

China Poluution

NTI Offshore Services

NTI Offshore Services is an Offshore Marine Construction &
Management Company

NTI supports the Oil & Gas and marine market designed to provide our clients with turnkey services for their projects from concept to installation. NTI Offshore Services specializes in providing our clients with total Project Management, engineering design, fabrication services, NDT Technicians, Access Technology, welding and I&E construction craftsmen, and labor sourcing. Our experienced team will work closely with our customer to provide quality products and services conducive to your level of urgency or predetermined project schedule. NTI Offshore Services is committed to our customer to produce a quality product safely and does so through pride of workmanship, safety culture, and emphasis in our quality control and inspection.

offshore welding topside

•NTI Offshore Services Project Management personnel is comprised of specialists who have extensive experience in managing, tracking, and completing difficult offshore projects on time and on budget. Below is a list of a few of the Project Management ervices NTI Offshore provides our clients:
•Total Project Management
•Cost, Time, and Resource Management
•Management of Change
•Real time reporting budgeted vs. actual
•4D Scheduling and 3D BIM Modeling
•Logistical coordination of all parties personnel and equipment to sequence
mobilization for efficiency and overall cost reduction
•Site Supervision and Inspection
•FAT Witnessing and Commissioning
•Gantt Chart and Construction Sequencing
High Pressure Pipe Design and Commissioning
•Structural Design and Commissioning

Refinery Fabrication – Exxon Announces $20 Billion Expansion in Refineries

Looks like we’re gonna need a lot more welders! Texas Shale plays are driving the need for investment in more refineries along the Gulf Coast of the United States. They will probably need to rely on modular fabrication instead of the old stick built refining plants.

refinery fabrication

“These businesses are leveraging the shale revolution to manufacture cleaner fuels and more energy-efficient plastics.”


SubSea – Wye Skids – Controls Mudmat – Quayside Barge Loadout

Subsea Fabrication and Barge Load Out of Wye Skids & Controls Mudmat at T-REX

At T-REX we have 1200 feet of barge loadout with 6,000 short ton capacity off the Houston Ship Channel. Whether it’s a large subsea controls Mudmat of a Wye skid or an entire offshore platform, we can handle it.



Laser Cutting Capacities – Copper Brass Aluminum Stainless

Laser Cutting Capacities in Stainless Steel – Copper – Brass – Aluminum – Tube Laser and Flat Bed

*Please note that our CNC Laser & Press Brake combo works great for 3D CAD models. We have CAD designers on staff to take your 3D CAD designs and convert to our machine language.

Laser Cutting BLM Fiber Laser

6’ x 12’ table size
1/2” max on Aluminum ​for a “Clean Edge​”​ – could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​
1/2” max on Copper for “Clean Edge”– could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​
1/2” max on Brass for “Clean Edge”– could go to ¾” ​with ​slightly rougher edge​.​

Oil Price & Houston Metal Fabrication

Low Oil Prices Hurt Houston Metal Fabrication

“Let’s use all we can and Export the rest”  A comment recently heard from a prominent Texas politician – we could not agree more.

oil price houston welding

At OceanFab we believe lifting the export ban will provide more jobs for our Houston area welders.

It’s clear that OPEC is trying to squash US Oil, which will hurt metal fabrication in Houston. The International Energy Agency says OPEC has renewed determination on this front… “the early December (OPEC) move appears to signal a renewed determination to maximize low-cost OPEC supply and drive out high-cost non-OPEC production – regardless of price.,”

Our New Fiber Laser is Wicked Fast

Houston Fiber Laser

Fiber Laser technology is new and we just installed the first US BLM Fiber laser. Not only is the fiber laser up to 10 times faster than traditional lasers, it cuts with much better edge quality. Not that our old lasers have poor edge quality, it’s just that the fiber performs better in problematic metals like Aluminum and stainless steel, where reflectivity and heat buildup cause issues. Our new fiber laser can cut through 1″ carbon, 3/4′ ” aluminum and stainless and 1/2″ aluminum and stainless steel with superior edge quality. It will even laser cut copper and brass material up to 1/2″ thick.