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Fabricators Need Baker Hughes ISO Training

Fabricators Need Baker Hughes ISO Training


Metal Fabricators interested in the latest ISO requirements might want to attend this lunch and learn next week (Nov 10th 11:30 to 1:00).

It’s through the Greater Houston Manufactures Association where we are doing quarterly lunch and learns on various manufacturing topics. There is networking before the presentation.

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT ARE REQUIRED – Baker Hughes will be presenting information pertaining to training competency as required by ISO 9001-2015 at their 9100 Emmott Road location.

How To – Fabrication of DNV Certified Skids 2.7-1

Increased demand for fabricated DNV skids is being driven by quality and safety concerns for equipment being installed on any DNV classed vessel, including any offshore platform, marine vessel, FPSO, drill ship, or other marine installation. These concerns are at an all-time high as a result of the Macondo blowout in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010.

dnv classed vessel skid fabrication 2.7-1

Operating these complex systems and facilities requires complex fabrication. Our principal’s DNV certification procedures assure owners, authorities, and other stakeholders that the DNV classed facility has certified equipment aboard and complies with DNV classification rules and requirements – independent of location.

Classing Societies and the IMO

IMO is the International Maritime Organization and it is the United Nations agency responsible for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of pollution by ships. The IMO is the standard-setting authority for the safety, security, and environmental aspects of international shipping. It creates a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is universally adopted.

The IMO has adopted standards for other “recognized organizations” like the DNV which are called classification societies.

At Ocean Fab, safety, quality, the environment, and compliance with DNV standards are our number one concern. In order to gain DNV emblems for any skidded equipment, a number of approval and certification procedures must be followed. Our principals have many years’ experience with complex fabrications, including subsea and offshore / topside fabrication.

DNV has traditionally been more popular in European waters, but since it has become the number one classing society in the world, more and more super major oil companies and operators are requiring that any equipment going on a DNV Classed Offshore Installation going anywhere in the world become certified by DNV. Whether it’s a temporary or a permanent installation – fixed or floating offshore installations, ships, drill rigs, production rigs, or offshore vessels, including floating platforms. This equipment can include rental equipment, skidded equipment, shipping containers, seacans, frames, structural steel, twistlocks, sea fastening clips, deck fastening, waste skips, tanks – the list goes on and on.

Lots of Metal Fabrication at OTC This Year

Even with oil prices down, most of the clients we visited at OTC had positive remarks about the show traffic and opportunities. It’s always good to see the heavy fabrication, subsea, and offshore work we do on display at our OEM’s booth. Here’s a great review of the show: 

Houston Laser & Press Brake – Machine Capacities

Houston Machine Capacities & Tolerances

Flat Bed Lasers

 Laser Cutting 4,000W HyperGear:

houston mazak laserFeatures: Dual shuttle tables, automated nozzle, and torch change. Focus adjustments for more efficient cutting and flexibility to cut different material types and thicknesses per shift.+/-.004” accuracy. Nesting software for maximum sheet yield.

5’ X 10’ table size

¼” max on Aluminum

Showing Off Our Tube Lasers at Houstex in Houston, TX

We were back again in Houston this year displaying our Tube Laser cutting services at Houstex.  This is our 8th year to exhibit at this show.  Thanks to all of our old customers who stopped by and it was great to meet new future customers!

Lots of cool technology at this show, it’s actually a machine shop equipment show, but we have always done well there showing off our fabrication services. Thank you Houston! 

Fabrication Sub-Assembly For Equipment Manufacturers

Equipment manufacturers all over Houston rely on us to fabricate sub-assemblies for just in time inventory. Lean manufacturing dictates subcontracting to fabricators like us in order to get more production out the door. For this same reason, we welcome overflow work from other fabricators and equipment manufacturers – even those who have in-house capabilities.

Many equipment manufacturing companies have in-house capabilities for metal fabrication of the sub-assembly.  However, many find that welders and electricians don’t make for a good combination under the same roof.  Welding is dirty business and electrical control panels, require a clean environment.

Our trucks roll all over Houston – Let us help you with your fabricated sub-assembly work.

Centrifuge Base Fabrication for Decanter & Dewatering Units

Equipment manufacturers appreciate our Mid South Fabrication principal’s unique ability to machine large horizontal centrifuge bases to tolerance “after” fabrication – all in house.

The pillow blocks on the centrifuge base require tolerances close to the .010″ range. On a large fabricated base, that is impossible to achieve unless you can machine it after you fabricate it. We have a large format horizontal mill capable of holding 20,000 pounds and 118″ inched of horizontal travel.  It makes quick work of machining to tolerance “after” fabrication.

All of the fracking going on in the oilfield these days requires a ton of water treatment.  Horizontal centrifuges can dewater and separate the solids quickly and efficiently.  Solids control conserves our precious water supply by recycling the drilling mud and fracking fluid.


Representing T-REX Engineering & Construction

houston offshore fabrication

T-REX Engineering and Construction has a long history of advanced fabrication in the Houston and GoM region.  Specializing in complex SubSea fabrication and Offshore fabrication as well as onshore projects, including engineering, construction drawings, and design.  T-REX has 31 years experience, located on 33 acres with quayside facilities on the Houston Ship channel. No project is too big for T-REX…

ASME U and NBBI R Stamp stamps qualify us to build, modify or repair Boilers, Pressure Vessels + Pressure Relief devices. This includes designing High Pressure Piping Systems offshore to 20 KSI.
Call 713-401-3007

Offshore Fabrication At Its Best – OTC 2014

Proud to see our fabricated projects on display at OTC this year. The Offshore Technology Conference in Houston was another technical marvel.  Once again – Pushing metal fabrication and design to the limits.  They say as much, if not more technology goes into Engineering, Design, Fabrication and Construction for offshore projects as goes into outer space!  We believe it! Another great year at OTC!